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Committee Responsibilities
  • Publicize EBHC vacancies/membership to the local community
  • Regularly check office phone for messages from applicants and other inquiries.
  • Screen applications and conduct reference checks.
  • Coordinate with the office manager (and HACSA) on the selection process.
  • Interview applicants for membership according to the adopted processes and criteria, making sure to keep accurate records of decisions, contacts, and interviews.
  • Conduct orientations for people selected as potential members.
  • Recommend selected applicants to the General Membership.
  • Recommend any current members, who are applying for transfer to vacant units, to the General Membership.
  • Welcome new members and assigning them a ‘buddy’ to orient the new member to EBHC.
  • Conduct move-in inspections within the first 2-3 weeks.
  • Oversee the Grievance Sub-Committee and the processing of member-to-member grievance complaints according to Article 11 of the Occupancy Agreement, which states that the Committee may establish a conflict resolution process that may be used to handle grievances.
  • Handle all “good cause” terminations.
  • Perform all tasks associated with EBHC Participation Policy when necessary. (OA, Article 10, Section B)
  • Oversee the Parent/Child Care sub-committee to coordinate childcare for GM and Committee meetings, work parties, and educational/social opportunities.
  • To organize and present social/educational opportunities and workshops to members and the neighborhood.
Tasks to Implement Job Description
  • Meet with HACSA and/or Office Manager to streamline selection process and stay current with Federal Guidelines.
  • Review, evaluate, and amend all advertising and selection process materials: Brochure, flyers, web site, application, interview questions, and interview process.
  • Run vacancy adds in the Eugene Weekly and post flyers in appropriate locations.
  • Upon receiving move-out notices, post notice of opportunity for members to apply for transfer, with 10 days to apply, on both bulletin boards.
  • Review transfer applications, and using "transfer criteria", determine if any are to be recommended to the GM for approval, interviewing if necessary.
  • Initiate, review and update the new member orientation process.
  • Obtain forms for Inspections from the office manager.
  • Monitor meeting/work-party/rotating-work hours for members falling behind and begin the process outlined in the “Participation Policy”
  • Process grievance complaints for “good cause termination” according to Article 10, section D of the Occupancy Agreement.
  • Prepare Annual Budget for the committee, including projected expenditures, per quarter, for outreach, education, social opportunities, and child care.
  • Create and maintain a Parent/Child Care sub-committee.
  • Canvas members and EBHC committees to determine educational and social interests in order to best serve EBHC and the neighborhood.
Membership Committee Co-coordinator Responsibilities
  • Keep all committee files, minutes, and associated information organized for committee use in perpetuity.
  • Schedule meetings and work parties.
  • Notify members by posting meeting/work parties on both laundry room doors 72 hours beforehand.
  • Invite members to participate with the committee when necessary and appropriate.
  • Report to General Membership any need for new members to assist the committee.
  • Provide sign-in/sign-out sheet for work parties and turn in to Recorder.
  • Assist the Parent/Child Care sub-committee in developing budgetary/policy guidelines.
  • Attend Management Committee/GM meetings and provide the committee report.
  • Post all minutes for meetings on laundry room doors, in newsletter, and in archive files.
  • Access key box in office for members locked out of their house.
    Co-coordinators can sign checks for EBHC.  (2/23/08)